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Lumberjack Beard Co.


What began as an experiment to create high quality beard products for my own personal use, quickly turned into the beginnings of the Lumberjack Beard Co.

I'm Mark Brock, originally from Wales in the UK, and following dissatisfaction with countless beard oils and balms over the years, I made the decision to learn the craft for myself, with the sole intention being to create something that was of a better quality than what I had been using. After much trial and error, I finally had something I was happy with - nourishing oils, balms and butters with aromatic and lasting scents.

Starting out in business was far from the goal when I began this journey, but as more and more of my friends tried the products I had created for myself, they urged me to make more. A few months later and the Lumberjack Beard Co. was born.


Our commitment to quality is what sets us apart from our competition. When the decision was made to place our creations on the market, more work needed to be done. Every little detail was examined, and if it didn't meet our high standards, it didn't get used. That's why, among other things, our beard oil droppers are such a big hit with everyone that's used them... droppers that fill right to the top on one squeeze!

Our commitment to quality is at the heart of all that we do, and it shows. Just check out these testimonials for proof of that...

Dan Command - Dan C Bearded



"The beard oil is great! It does a really good job of nourishing your beard with the quality ingredients used. The beard butter is really nice. It's extremely smooth and creamy, with great conditioning properties.

As for the beard balm, if you're looking for a good, solid, firm beard balm, this is the company for you. It's on the firmer side when getting it out of the tin, but it breaks down in hand really easily, and then in beard, it holds really, really well.

I would recommend these products to you. They are quality, all natural products, made by an owner who cares about what he's doing."

Matthew Storie - The Bearded Storie



"The Apple Pie is spot on, and the Cuban Cigar scent is special to me. When I cracked it open, I had a memory from my childhood working on the farm where we raised tobacco.

When you make something that can cause someone to have a memory, that is something special." 

Matt Brashares - No BS Beard Reviews



"I review a lot of beard oils and a lot of woodsy scents. This Red Cedar & Pine is one of my favourites.

They nailed the Cuban Cigar scent too. While the other scents last for about 4-5 hours, the Cuban Cigar has a good 8-12 hour scent. I put it on in the morning, took a shower at night, and I could still smell it after a shower.

Also, when I first stuck my thumb in the balm, I instantly knew I was going to like it. It breaks down nice and creamy in hand, and it gives a great hold with good conditioning in beard. It's definitely going in my weekly rotation."

Rodney Epperson



"The Red Cedar & Pine beard butter is the first 'woodsy' scent I've ever used a complete tin of! Most I don't like, or keep trying to like and give up.

Thank you for making a product that's so good it never goes to waste."

John A.



"It's impossible to say anything bad about Red Cedar & Pine in both oil and balm. I'm told some people don't care for the strong scent but that is one of the reasons I love it! Truly an addictive scent for me.

The oil has a light viscosity and absorbs quickly. The balm is a medium hold, and the scent from the oil alone lasts about 5-6 hours in beard after applying... the balm for a little longer.

In my top 5 favorites for both quality and scent. Highly recommended and will definitely repurchase!"