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Beard Balms

Beard balm is best used to style and keep your beard in shape. It also has the distinction of giving your beard a protective shield against the elements.

Once you've thoroughly nourished your beard with your choice of beard oil or butter, you should then apply beard balm. Whether you chose to apply beard balm after using beard oil or not is entirely up to you... just make sure that your beard is clean and dry before applying.

Scrape out a thumbnail sized amount and rub it between your palms, spreading it evenly between your hands.

Run your fingers down the length of your beard, combing your fingers down your beard, spreading the balm along the length of each hair.

Use your fingertips to spread it along your moustache.

Once your beard is sufficiently covered, use a comb to ensure the beard balm gets into every last spot, and to put your beard back into place.

Do this up to three times a day or as needed for a protected, well nourished and groomed beard. As our balms are all natural and contain shea butter and beeswax, they can be left in overnight, or until you next wash your beard.

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